Azerbaijan, Tajikistan strengthen ties with new business deals

Azerbaijan, Tajikistan strengthen ties with new business deals

Azerbaijan and Tajikistan have taken a significant step towards closer economic cooperation with the signing of seven bilateral documents during a recent business forum.

The agreements, signed by both government agencies and private companies, span several key sectors including trade, mining, and agriculture, reports, citing .

A prominent development is the Memorandum of Understanding signed between TALCO, Tajikistan's leading aluminium producer, and Azeraluminium, Azerbaijan's state-owned aluminium company. This collaboration has the potential to boost regional cooperation in the strategic metals sector.

In the trade sector, the State Unitary Enterprise Tajagropromexport of Tajikistan and Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation signed a cooperation agreement, paving the way for increased trade flows between the two nations.

Several other agreements focused on specific areas within the broader agricultural sector. Lesinvest LLC, a Tajik company, and the Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation agreed to collaborate on cotton oil sales and share expertise in textile production.

Additionally, agreements were signed to promote cooperation in cotton growing, raw cotton processing, and textile production between Vodiya Zarrin Agrarian Alliance LLC, Marmari LLC, SIR-DARYO LLC (all from Tajikistan) and the Azerbaijani counterpart.