China unveils its first full-size electric running humanoid robot

China unveils its first full-size electric running humanoid robot

Fox News carries an about another humanoid robot which enters global race in robotics, reprints the article.

Like it or not, soon our world is going to be filled with robots that walk among us, not as clunky machines of sci-fi films, but with the grace and agility of humans.

Take Tiangong, for example, a full-size humanoid robot capable of running on electric power, which was recently unveiled by the Beijing Humanoid Robot Innovation Center.

Standing as tall as an average human and powered by a symphony of sensors and processors, Tiangong has the ability to jog at a steady pace, navigate complex terrain and perform tasks with precision. Tiangong represents a future where robots could possibly become our companions, helpers and perhaps even our friends.

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Tiangong by the numbers

This full-size humanoid robot, standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 95 pounds, is capable of running on electric power at a steady pace of about 3.7 mph. Tiangong is outfitted with cutting-edge sensors, including vision perception sensors and a high-precision inertial measurement unit that performs an impressive 550 trillion operations per second. These features, along with its 3D vision and six-axis force sensors, ensure that Tiangong moves with a smoothness that rivals human motion.

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Tiangong's big debut

At its debut, Tiangong jogged before an impressed crowd, demonstrating its ability to handle slopes and stairs effortlessly. A demonstration video also displayed its walking, running, gait adjustment and stair-climbing abilities in "blind mode," where it relies solely on its sensors.

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The global race in humanoid robotics

Tiangong’s unveiling is a significant milestone, yet it’s not the only contender in the quest to expand the horizons of humanoid robotics. Boston Dynamics recently revealed their all-electric Atlas robot, which features a wider range of motion and improved agility over its predecessor, signaling a robust competition in the field.

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Open-source collaboration and commercial applications

Both Tiangong and Atlas are designed for compatibility with open-source software, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation. This strategy is anticipated to pave the way for widespread commercial use of humanoid robots in various sectors, including home services and industrial manufacturing.

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China’s technological leap at the Zhongguancun Forum

The 2024 Zhongguancun Forum was a showcase of artificial intelligence breakthroughs, underscoring China’s swift progress in state-of-the-art innovations. The Economic and Technological Development Area in Beijing has become a hub for over a hundred robotics businesses, creating an extensive industrial ecosystem.

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