Why are French intelligence officers fleeing the countries? Unwrittens by "Intelligence.online"

Why are French intelligence officers fleeing the countries? Unwrittens by "Intelligence.online"

Armenia on the way of becoming a new colony

In the background of the initiatives of the Armenian lobby in France and the failures in Africa, Armenia isperfect match to be a new colony which became an attractive market for the sale of French firearms. Neutral observers consider this as an attempt to ignite the finished war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which has restored the territorial integrity recognized by international law in the Caucasus region, and an obstacle to the establishment of sustainable peace.

Thus, Azerbaijan is not only a contemporary, stable economy that hosts numerous international conferences, but also transfers its rich natural resources to modern development. If no side has won the wars in the world during the last decades, Azerbaijan is the only exception in this regard. Azerbaijan secured its worldwiderecognized territorial integrity with a complete victory over neighboring Armenia by returning its sovereign territories occupied in the 1990s, which was resulted with the total withdrawal of Armenian troops.

Of course, under such conditions, the representatives of the French intelligence, who are used to giving themselves free rein and felt comfortable in friendly Azerbaijan for many years, opened their arms to Asia and conducted activities against Azerbaijan's national interests, would be exposed. Azerbaijan, the biggest power of the Caucasus region, is a country with extensive counter-intelligence and intelligence capabilities, and the actions taken against the French intelligence agency were accompanied by a series of arrests, "persona non grata"sand other measures.

One of the detained individuals, a French citizen had been instructed to obtain a British citizenship in Azerbaijan. (Why had the arrested Azerbaijani citizen for collaborating with him been sent to Northern Ireland? In the next posts) At the culmination of all the mistakes, the head of the foreign intelligence agency (DGSE) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs were discharged from their duties in France.

The most interesting was the disclosure of a wide intelligence network, which Baku has not paid attention before, operating against Azerbaijan and third countries via Azerbaijan, also their ways and methods, illegal operations, bribery, bargaining and blunders committed regarding confidentiality which may have a shocking effect on the international community.

When the intelligence officers who turned their lives into literary works fled, they left their books behind

The investigation initiated in Azerbaijan regarding the use of Azerbaijani and French citizens as spies has already spread to various prestigious international organizations and regions.

It turns out that France managed to secretly deployintelligence officers, who had committed the aforementioned crimes, in international organizations in which many countries are represented.

One of them fled from Bishkek to France on the first flight, as soon as a series of arrests began in Baku in December 2023 – he left his post as the head of an international organization in Central Asia, and during these months he was prevented from leaving France by the fear of his games recorded in Baku (a holistic viewpoint about that person will be in our next publications)

The fact that secret agents write their lives and operations in memoirs is probably one of the innovations in the art of intelligence. This was an indirect means for them to prove their work to the unjust officials in the future.

Missed points by Intelligence Online with itsincreasing interest to Azerbaijan

With its obvious sources of information the French Intelligence Online almost does not forget to mention the topic of Azerbaijan in the articles regularly. Sometimes, the newspaper cannot avoid writing about the shocking scandals that happened behind the doors of French diplomacy.

Where is the international cooperation in the fight against terrorism?

In a particularly sensitive period, the intentions of effective cooperation with other states in the fight against international terrorism are not felt in the current activity of the DGSE.

Independent experts assess this as either reasonable confidence in relations with terrorist organizations, or unreasonable indifference against the background of economic-colonial interests. In any case, there has beentime to deal with methods that pit Iran and Israel against each other from the territory of third countries.

Azerbaijan is a country that has an active role in the fight against terrorism, serious experience of depriving more than 500 people of their citizenship, who have joined international terrorist organizations, as well as arresting ISIS accountants and others, and engaged in international cooperation in this direction.

Naturally, the steps taken in the direction of international cooperation in this sphere are a requirement for the protection of humanity

Today, the "Darvish Mastali Shah" is directly targeting Paris from Khorasan, and the world is trying to avoid a huge terrorist wave approaching France in the name of revenge for Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and others.

It is precisely the long-term French colonial exploitation resulting hunger and poverty of the population, as well as social and political instability in the countries, that renders the mentioned African countries powerless before the growing local terrorist organizations.

The foreign adventures of the French journalist’s assailants

The sums of bribes received by Alexandre Benalla, who is well known to everyone, from the new names of foreign tycoons to solve their personal problems, against the national interests of France, dazzle the eyes. Although he could not write literary works for memorial purposes, he received payments from the family members of several famous foreign figures, and used methods that left traces and piles of papers behind him. Today, even if it is possible to influence the French law enforcement agencies and protect him, usually no one can take interesting evidence out of the hands of the public press.

Towards which future - an example of democracy to the world or colonialist national interests?

In every case when questions arose with a partner country, the specialists of the DGSE HR department were no less the object of criticism, who destroyed the careers of their professional employees due to the kinship relations. The points that increase the hatred of the colonials are totally different perspective.

Sharing of the allocated funds by intelligence officials,who mobilized the staff to investigate the methods by which giant French companies could replace US and British companies in neighboring markets, with their subordinates, including the ones with whom they were involved in countless intimate relationships would create additional rumors.

This cooperation also allows them to meet and discuss privately the domestic political horizons of Francewith the economic giants.

Those who have the power to mass surveillance of the population without their consent do not face any problems. However, today Paris is a place where the hesitations in the correct selection of personnel involved in the secret control of politicians in the country can notprevail over the interests of these information possessers.

In the background of intelligence failures, the transfer of the head of internal intelligence to foreign intelligence in order to establish a deeper personal influence mechanism on the domestic political audience promises more interesting scandals in the domestic political space in the future.

Dissatisfaction with the role of personal relationships in the territorial deployment of employees seems to be of little importance next to such scandals.

It is wondering, if the DGSE feels that the updated list of Directorate of Intelligence Collecting and Operations’ (DRO DGSE) staff is already allowing many countries to consider their purposeful systematic primitive visits with a smile?!

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