Aida Mahmudova's personal exhibition "A Dream Unfolds" at Vision Art Platform

Aida Mahmudova's personal exhibition "A Dream Unfolds" at Vision Art Platform

Art has played an important role in every aspect of life since the dawn of humanity, and throughout history, artists have used different art forms to express their feelings, thoughts and experiences. Art's expressive ability has had far-reaching influence on individuals across history, society, and culture. Whereas art reflects the lifestyle, beliefs, and cultural values of a period, it also shows the intellectual and aesthetic understanding of the relevant age. This is a practice that brings people together socially, allows us to share our feelings, and creates a common language. Nevertheless, art sometimes is against the existing aesthetic consensus and reveals a rebellious and autonomous new language of expression. Each artist reminds us of a different way of seeing the world. I would like to speak about Aida Mahmudova. She studied art at Central Saint Martins and has held solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions internationally in different cities including Belgium, London, Rome, New York, Moscow, Tbilisi, and Baku. Mahmudova also took part in the 55th and 56th Venice Biennale.

Aida Mahmudova dives into the essence of materials in her search for artistic expression and tries to decipher the language of the world through the figurative, semi-abstract and abstract forms. At the same time, she approaches her work with deep curiosity and a burning desire to solve the mysteries within, like a philosopher pondering the nature of existence.

If we think the material world is like a massive book that we only need to read and observe to gain knowledge, Aida Mahmudova wholeheartedly embraces and implements this idea. Her works are like the chapters in this remarkable book, and each stroke and layer reveal a new side of her exploration.

Aida Mahmudova's works reflect poetry that attempts to capture the beauty of nature. The artist's works evoke a serene contemplation like Wordsworth's memories of calm emotions, and these works invite viewers to lose themselves in the depths of her compositions.

The artist is never satisfied with mere representation, so her searches for realities are beyond the surface. Mahmudova is interested in the expressive potential of materials and tools. Through her experiments with heat, light, color, and matter, she creates a multi-layered narrative that transcends the boundaries of a single work and invites viewers to engage with her work on a visceral level.

From this perspective, Mahmudova's works reflect avant-garde thought by offering innovative materials and content. The artist uses many materials to create deep expressions. She manipulates them in a way that pushes the boundaries of form and function, and this blurs the distinction between art and life.

Continuously investigating materials and their potential, the artist produces visually striking, emotionally and intellectually stimulating paintings. Mahmudova's works make us to re-evaluate our prejudices about art and call us to re-perceive the world through the lens of a true visionary.